KMFRI services from e-citizen platform

How to pay for KMFRI services from e-citizen

Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI announced that Kenyans will now be required to pay for their services through the e-Citizen platform, following President William Ruto's directive that all government services be made through the platform.

The payment can be made by individuals registered under e-Citizen, you will have to download the e-Citizen mobile app from Google Play or Apple App Store or log in through  For those without an account, one is required to sign in and must have an identification number.

Once logged in under KMFRI e-citizen portal, you are able to choose from the following range of services

  1. Application for Fingerlings
  2. Application for Brood Stock
  3. Application for Laboratory Analytical Services
  4. Application for Scientific Information and Technical Advice
  5. Application for Fish feed
  6. Educational Visits
  7. Application for Tide Tables
  8. Conference Booking

The application procedure covers i) Instructions ii) Applicant Details iii) Order Details iv) Declaration

After submission of the application wait for a response from KMFRI. Upon review of your order, you will be prompted to make payment. For the services, individuals can pay using M-Pesa after which, you will be required to review your details before pressing the “pay” button to confirm the applicant's details.

Once the payment is made successfully, the applicant will receive a confirmation message. The transaction will also be mirrored in the KMFRI system, facilitate delivery of the service required.