Dr. Johnstone Kazungu
KMFRI Mombasa Research Centre
Oceanography and Hydrography
Marine chemistry
Primary productivity in both fresh water and marine systems

B.Sc. (Hons) – Chemistry University of Nairobi
M.Sc. (Chemical Oceanography) - Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan
 Ph.D (highest honors) – Marine Chemistry - University of Brussels, Belgium

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  • Hemminga, M.A., F.J. Slim, J.M. Kazungu, G.M. Ganssen and N.M. Kruyt (1994): Carbon outwelling from a mangrove forest with adjacent seagrass beds and coral reefs (Gazi, Bay, Kenya). Mar.Ecol.Prog.ser.106:291-301.
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  • Kazungu, J.M., A.F. Woitchik, L.Goeyens and F. Dehairs (1999): Is Marine Particulate Organic Material (POM) the possible source of organic Nitrogen enrichment in Mangrove sediment? Biochemistry (submitted).
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  • Joseph Kamau, Kazungu, Johnson Michael and Mingzhe Zhai: Antropogenic and seasonal influences on the dynamics of selected heavy metals in Lake Naivasha, Kenya Lakes & Reservoirs: Research & Management 2008 13: 145 – 154
  • Joseph Kamau, A. Gachanja, J. Kazungu, Mingzhe Zhai: The seasonal influence on the spatial distribution of dissolved selected metals in Lake Naivasha, Kenya Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 67 – 69, (2014)

Student supervision (Ph.D thesis)

  • John Gchuki: Carbon and Nitrogen cycling processes in the papyrus dominated wetland ecosystems of Lake Victoria (Kenya): The case of the lower Sondu Miriu Swamp. Ph.D thesis at Free University of Brussels, Belgium (1998-2002).
  •  Melckzedeck Osore: A study of the zooplankton (systematic & community structure) of a tropical mangrove creek, Mtwapa, Kenya Ph.D thesis at Free University of Brussels, Belgium (1998-2002).

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