Damaris Mutia

Ms. Mutia is an assistant research scientist working at KMFRI in the Oceanography and Hydrography department. She is currently involved in GMES-Africa, WioSymphony and WIO-Benth Projects.

Her main research interests are operational oceanography in the context of climate change, Ocean Modelling, Instrumentation and research cruises. As part of building her career, she has enrolled and participated in both National and international trainings in the Field of Physical Oceanography and Ocean Data Management. Currently Ms. Mutia is pursuing her MSc. In Climate Change. She is passionate about ocean observations to understand the ocean circulation and heat budgets and their impact on biodiversity and conservation.

KMFRI Mombasa
Oceanography and Hydrography
Operational Oceanography, Ocean Modelling, Instrumentation

BSc. Physics

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