Peter Wawiye
Scientific career in Marine science research begun in 1989 and he has been actively involved in a number of regional and international research projects over the years. Successfully co-ordinated the Kenyan chapter of the IOC- UNESCO project to survey the potentially harmful marine microalgae of the Kenyan waters. He was involved in the regional Coral Reef Degradation Project in the Indian Ocean (CORDIO) as well as participating in the international U.V project whose aim was to establish the  effect of changing irradiance patterns on the structure of microbenthic  communities with special reference to the micro- and macro- algae  as well as  meiofauna in the coral reef areas where the El-Nino effect resulted in mass coral mortality. Currently involved in water quality bioassessment  using macroinvertebrates in freshwater systems.

KMFRI Kisumu
Freshwater Systems Research
Water quality bioassement
Modeling and projections, , Environmental & Aquatic Sciences, , Climate Change Scenarios, , Sustainability Sciences, Ecology,

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