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Dr. Jonathan Munguti

Dr. Jonathan Munguti

Dr Jonathan Munguti a Principal Research Officer in KMFRI is the Deputy Director and Head of Aquaculture Division in the Institution as well as the Joint Secretary to the National Aquaculture Development Working Group. He has vast knowledge on fish nutrition and has headed several national task forces including the Economic Stimulus Program (ESP) Feed component aimed at promoting aquaculture growth through quality and affordable fish feeds in Kenya. He is also a facilitator in the Fisheries and Aquaculture MSc. Module  for the International MSc. Program in Limnology & Wetland Ecosystems offered by Egerton University (Kenya) and University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (Austria) under the support of UNESCO-IHE DELFT. Dr Munguti has successfully supervised 2 PhD students and 11 MSc students from various Universities locally and internationally.  

KMFRI Sagana Aquaculture Centre
Aquatic nutrition
Fish nutrition with a bias towards cost effective fish feeds

PhD - University of Natural Resources and Applied Life sciences Vienna, Vienna, Austria

MSc. Environmental science and technology (Limnology & Wetland Ecosystems) IHE. Delft the Netherlands

B. Ed Sc. Hons (Zoology/chemistry), Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya.

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  • National Council member of Eastern Africa Water Association (EAWA)
  • Member of Sustainable Aquaculture Research Networks in Sub Saharan Africa (SARNISSA)
  • Associate Member of the regional Lake Victoria Research Initiative (VicRes) Aquaculture