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A team from KMFRI headed by the institute's CEO Prof James Njiru on February 1, 2018, attended the handing over of nine Kwale projects to various CBOs.

The programmes were implemented under Hazina ya Maendeleo ya Pwani (HMP) and funded by World Bank under the Kenya Coastal Development Project (KCDP) anchored by KMFRI.

KMFRI's top scientists Dr Jacqueline Uku is the KCDP project manager, and Dr Melckzedeck Osore Livelihood Component Manager.

The colourful event held at Baraza Park, Kwale town, was graced by Kwale's Social Services & Talent Management Executive Hon Ramadhan Bungale, who was the chief guest.

Prof Njiru praised the community for contributing a whopping Sh4,088,340 towards the 24 KCDP projects implemented in the county. He indicated he is passionate about KCDP, citing Slave Cave as one of the most successful projects in the area.

The Director urged residents to continue supporting programmes which are still in formative stages, saying they have transformed lives.

Mr Bungale thanked KCDP managers for the work well done, and appealed to other funding partners to continue supporting KCDP. He said the seven agencies under KCDP demonstrated a high level of commitment in implementing community projects.

Other programmes that were cited as a major success include Kinondo Village Bank, Kibuyuni Seaweed Project, and student scholarship programmes.

During the function, the nine CBOs were awarded certificates for their exemplary contribution towards the project.

Ms Mwanajuma Massah representing Assistant Commissioner, Agriculture Executive Ms Joanne Nyamasyo, County Water Engineer Mr Anthony Katana, sub-county administrator for Lunga Lunga Mr Eddie Chibu and sub-county administrator Mrs Nimusimu Iddi, among others, attended the event.